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Monday, January 17, 2005

A Friend's Take on the Social inSecurity Message

This ploy is just another in a long string of actions by the economic elite to return the middle class to serfdom, although perhaps it is the final blow. Any attempts we have made to insulate ourselves from the highly manipulated, yet ironically capricious economic system have been meticulously crushed. Any progress we make to maintain independent economic interests apart from the interests of those in charge of the financial markets is viciously attacked. They simply do not want a large middle class in control of their own economic fate. It is just maddening that they frame it as economic independence to sell it to us.
Seriously folks, this is a blatant attempt to so entwine us with the financial fate of the moneyed elite that we will lose all ability to act independently. We will be serfs, but instead of being bound to land, we will be bound to credit and investment institutions, which if you haven't noticed are solely controlled only by the richest investors. That is the difference between being a citizen of a democracy and being a mere shareholder. Small shareholders have no power. The Bush administration is masterful at frightening people into acting against their own obvious interests. This is a line across which they must not be allowed to pass.


Well said!


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