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Monday, February 12, 2007

Joel Connelly "hearts" Gore

Joel Connelly in Friday's Seattle "PI" has a column where he talks about how Ralph Nader is all about promotion of Nader and has been since 2000. I was so frustrated by his masturbatory run for President in 2000 so I was intersted in reading Connelly's take --- But a BONUS!!!

Connelly compares Gore favorably to Nader.

Likewise, the man ridiculed by Nader in 2000 has attained new and global stature.

Al Gore has watched his early global warming warnings be vindicated by a landslide of scientific evidence.

With the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth," he has found a way to outflank the political press and make complicated material accessible to the public. The film is up for an Oscar, and Gore has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

What a transition: While Nader worships at the altar of his own unappreciated brilliance, Gore speaks to the world.



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