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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Why Al Gore?

I’m about half way through The Assault on Reason and it has already brought me to tears. It breaks my heart that this man is not our President. We’ve gone through six years of waste – wasted lives, both American and Iraqi – wasted treasure – and wasted respect and standing, both within and without this great Nation. Where is our Constitution? Where is our due process? When did the Geneva Convention get quaint? Why is it impossible to make good on our promise to each other in terms of social security when we can spend billions for war profiteers and contractors? Why was it a crime for Nixon to eavesdrop on a Democratic political office but Bush can eavesdrop on everyone of us with impunity? How can we stand idly by and allow New Orleans to still be in the condition it is today? Karl Rove has inhabited the persona of Winston Smith and his Ministry of Truth has begat “Clear Skies Initiative”, “Healthy Forests”, “Leave No Child Behind.”

Are we going to allow big media and big business buy our next President? Are we going to be fooled by political and poll-driven image consultants who create a false package for us to vote for? We can take back our democracy and Constitution. We can demand we get the President we want – not the one we’re being sold.

Read Al Gore’s book. Watch An Inconvenient Truth. Read his speeches like the one he made in 2002 on Iraq and the War, in 2003 on Freedom and Security, 2004 on Fear and its Political Uses and Abuses, also in 2004 on Democracy in Grave Danger where he comments on institutionalized dishonesty in this current administration, 2005 on Breaking the Rules to Destroy Our Courts and later that same year The Treat to American Democracy: The Media and Political Discourse, and 2006 on the Limits of Executive Power: Restoring the Rule of Law. None of these speeches got wide media coverage but they are all available on the Internet.

Don’t we deserve a smart, principled leader? Don’t we desperately need a leader who respects the law, our Constitution, our future? Someone who loves our Country, not power? Someone who understands and has experience making our Government work efficiently and effective for all of us?

Would Al Gore allow FEMA to jerk off New Orleans and allow it to be forgotten? Allow the FDA to be neutered in the name of “free trade” profits and let China poison food supply without adequate inspections or quarantines? Would he authorize torture in our names? Would he support an Attorney General that either has the most extensive case of amnesia I’ve even seen or is a liar? Would we be wasting our troops and treasure in a endless pantomime?

Please join me in asking, begging if necessary, Al Gore to run for President. I fear our future if we settle again.



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