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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

De-Fund Cheney

We need to show the American people that this corrupt, incompetent and evil administration must still answer to the people.

Think Progress reports we tax payers could save $4.75 million this year alone. Congressman Rahm Emanuel (usually not one of my "faves" but on target this time) says he will introduce legislation to remove funding for Dick's plush office and all his minions.

I say DO IT!! Make every mealy mouth Republithug choke out a lame but public defense for this King wanna be.

See Hominid Views for another idea. Also Todd Gitlin over at TPM Cafe has a better quote:
Is this not one of those extraordinary moments when the people's representatives will actually vote on whether to fund the horrific farce that is this administration?
Finally my hero, Digby, of course, says it best:
The Republicans keep daring the Dem majority to stop funding the things they object to and the Democrats keep getting tied up in knots over it. I don't know if this is constitutional or if it is p[ractical, but I do know that a debate on the floor of the House over Vice President Cheney's assertion that he answers to no one is the kind of thing that might be able to compete with Paris Hilton and some roid-raged killer wrestler on the evening news and bring home the fact that our government has gone completely batshit crazy.

Update 6/27/07 9AM
I decided to date & time stamp these updates since things seem to be changing rapidly. Politico thinks Cheney is backing down. I usually don't find Politico that reliable, more of a right wing talking point disseminator -- but this doesn't seem like their typical report. Could it be true?
Dick Cheney's office is abandoning a justification for keeping the Vice-President's secret papers out of the hands of the National Archives.

Officials working for Cheney had tried to claim he is separate from the executive branch, but they will no longer pursue that defense, senior administration officials tell The Politico.

The decision follows a threat by Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), the No. 3 House Democrat, to try to cut off the office’s $4.8 million in executive-branch funding.

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