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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Romney is (Still) a (Dangerous) Idiot

Former Governor Mitt Romney was on Meet the Press this morning. He again reaffirmed he's an idiot. He said:
... Right now, those companies (General Motors, Ford and Chrysler) suffer about a $2,000 per automobile cost disadvantage. Part of that is labor, part is benefits and part is a legacy cost associated with retirees. As long as that $2,000 disadvantage is on their back, they can't be competitive.

How can this man walk around without assistance? Does he notice that even though the auto companies (including the Japanese and other imports) can't give cars away these days? It doesn't matter if the cars cost $2000 more or less. Price isn't the reason cars aren't selling.

Then he reinforced the BIG lie:
Labor costs, labor costs, legacy costs--labor costs and legacy costs and benefits are $73 an hour.
. At least Governor Grandholm was there to dispute it but David Gregory didn't give her a chance.

Romney's other big lie was joined by fired and disgraced former TI CEO Carly Fiorina and wined about how the credit markets have dried up.
We have a recession, a deepening recession right now because credit is unavailable.

Bull shit. The problem is that people are scared to spend or buy right now because they don't know if they'll have a job next week. There's money to lend but a lack of credit worthy folks looking to borrow.

Idiot Romney and fired and disgraced Fiorina can whine about high wage workers and how they need a tax cut all they want. They are both a joke just repeating old outdated Republican talking points.

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