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Friday, April 15, 2005

The Campaign for Another War Begins

No More Mister Nice Blog pointed to a supposed PSA video which appears to warn us about the dangers of Iran. Shots of the Port of New York, NYC streets, Grand Central Station, and so on are intercut with scary quotes (from newspapers, Iranian mullahs, and, er, John Kerry) -- all leading up to a big ol' nuclear blast. Then comes a veiled face with mushroom clouds in its eyes.

Err? John Kerry? WTF is HE doing in this PSA??

The Iran Freedom Foundation could appear to be a real site except where is the Arabic? Then in the fine print I notice that they are quoting Jerome R. Corsi -- WELL! There's a hint! Author of the "Unfit for Command" !! ARGH! Now I'm certain that this is bogus site. But I decided to do a little more sleuthing.

I went over to to check on who owns the web site and it turns out to be the head of the American Enterprise Institute .

No doubts of motive now.

Don't these guys have any shame?! How many young American (and Arab) lives have to die until they feel theirs is big enough?


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