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Sunday, August 14, 2005

GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Almost all the liberal / progressive bloggers are going crazy about the indictments. I, on the other hand, am disappointed.

I've spent almost my whole adult career in regulating financial institutions and in my experience bank fraud is under indicted, under litigated, and WAY under punished. Prosecutors think that juries can't comprehend the complexities of bank fraud so they avoid prosecuting. Guys like Keating who do some time -- are the exception -- and he got away with not having to make restitution.

Tax evation would have been such a better charge . . .

Don't Miss This Link

Think Progress has compiled a list of

21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

don't miss his great research.

Frank Rich has a Great Editorial Today

I particularily connected to this paragraph:

But just as politics are a bad motive for choosing a war, so they can be a doomed engine for running a war. In an interview with Tim Russert early last year, Mr. Bush said, "The thing about the Vietnam War that troubles me, as I look back, was it was a political war," adding that the "essential" lesson he learned from Vietnam was to not have "politicians making military decisions." But by then Mr. Bush had disastrously ignored that very lesson; he had let Mr. Rumsfeld publicly rebuke the Army's chief of staff, Eric Shinseki, after the general dared tell the truth: that several hundred thousand troops would be required to secure Iraq. To this day it's our failure to provide that security that has turned the country into the terrorist haven it hadn't been before 9/11 - "the central front in the war on terror," as Mr. Bush keeps reminding us, as if that might make us forget he's the one who recklessly created it.