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Monday, December 19, 2005

Bush's Spying

David Sirota gets it exactly right.

And that gets us right back to the most important question: why would the President deliberately circumvent a court that was already wholly inclined to grant him domestic surveillance warrants? The answer is obvious, though as yet largely unstated in the mainstream media: because the President was likely ordering surveillance operations that were so outrageous, so unrelated to the War on Terror, and, to put it in Constitutional terms, so "unreasonable" that even a FISA court would not have granted them.

Like, say, conducting surveillance on perfectly innocent Americans who protest against Bush administration policies?

This is all weighing me down. I can't seem to think of anything else but what a disaster he is and the huge damage he's doing to all of us. The absolute most depressing thing is that the Senate and House will become his appologist and let him get another pass. It seems to me there's only two courses of action -- crown him dictator and go home or impeach. But they'll go along to get along. This is so depressing to watch my fine country go down the drain and it seems no body cares.


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