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Thursday, July 27, 2006

100 Days Left to Pull it Off!

In an analysis piece in the Washington Post, titled ”Overseas Tensions Force Bush to Change Direction,” the author, Peter Baker, says that between the Lebanon / Israel conflict, worsening trends in Iraq, devastating hurricanes, failed social security initiative, gasoline prices, shelved immigration plan, criminal charges, and loss of respect from the other G-8 countries Bush may be “hindered in his efforts to advance a positive agenda at a time when Republican control of Congress appears at risk.” To that I say, DUH!

He quotes V. Lance Tarrance Jr., a prominent Republican consultant, who said "It may not only intrude in the midterm elections, it could envelop them.” To that I say, YEAH! ‘BOUT TIME!

But then Baker says “The White House sees the risk but is banking, in part, on the Democrats' history of not capitalizing on such moments. Bush advisers point to 2004, when the situation in Iraq appeared particularly dire, and yet the president won reelection and Republicans retained both houses of Congress.” To that I say, OOPS. HE COULD BE RIGHT.

We need to be careful that we don’t become complacent and think we have it in the bag. We need to work our precincts, make the phone calls, put up signs, e-mail and call our friends in other redder parts of the Country, write letter to the editor, and work hard for the next 100 days. The Republicans are banking on our blowing this election. Let’s prove them wrong!!


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