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Friday, June 09, 2006

You GO Girl!!

The (liberal)Girl Next Door has a great post where she says Christians are destroying the fabric of our society.

It was Christians that killed “witches” in Salem, it was Christians that walked around in white robes and hoods while they lynched black men and burned down their homes, it is Christians that are willing to kill abortion doctors in an effort to get the rest of us under their God’s thumb and it is Christians that are continuing every day to promote homophobia that contributes to the violence toward, and discrimination of, gay people. Perhaps religious tolerance has outlived its usefulness in this country.

Christians are, by the millions, enjoying books that describe in gory detail the torture and annihilation of us non-believers and now they are set to unleash video games for their youth that will provide them the opportunity to live in a virtual world where killing non-believers on the streets of New York will make them winners. This scares the crap out of me because Christians already believe fantastic things that defy logic, how can we be assured that these Christian youth will be able to make the distinction between the fantasy game on their X-box and the world outside their window? Where is all the Christian outrage about violence on this one? Or are they hypocrites that find violence in the name of God laudable?

Why am I supposed to have tolerance for them when they have none for the rest of us?

I'm a Catholic so why don't I recognize the same Christianity as Ann Coulter, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, et al? My Christianity is based in the Beatitudes of Matthew 3:10. Comments about the victims of Katrina being too stupid to get out of the way and 9-11 widows should take the money and shut up and the lack of healthcare -- all prove these so-called christians are unfamiliar with these blessings. My Christianity is based in Matthew 7:1, Luke 6:37 and James 4:12 where Christ says "Judge not, that ye be not judged" -- my Christ would NEVER say that gays deserve AIDS, or women shouldn't have a vaccine that will prevent cervical cancer -- if we are sexual we deserve to die of cancer. My Jesus Christ NEVER withhold health care, charity, aid to Africa, or sanctuary to Haitians. My Jesus would render to Caesar fair taxes and wouldn't gripe about it -- he wouldn't steal social security and give it to his friends on Wall Street. He wouldn't steal taxes for his own enrichment and waste taxes for bridges to nowhere when former residents of New Orleans are homeless.

Good Christians and Catholics need to push back and out these shills for the hypocrites, hate mongers, phonies, greedy bastards, bigots, woman haters, gay bashers that they are. They are NOT Christians and we need to NOT allow them to cloak themselves in our faith -- it weakens the perception of our beliefs. We also need to insist that our church leaders speak out against these charlatans.

We need to keep doing this until Ann Coulter and her ilk SHUTS UP!!


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