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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Inherited Powers

Where does the president get his power? Well, there's Article 2 of the Constitution and then there's "inherited powers". Inherited powers are those powers other presidents have used before them and we've let them get away with.

Signing statements, preparing and itching for a war not declared by Congress, falsely calling it "a time of war" when Congress didn't authorize it (to gather more powers) wire tapping without warrants, mail inspections also without warrants, holding people, even citizens!, without due process, ghost planes, torture -- the list goes on and on -- he's stacked the Court with his supporters that are willing to twist the law to protect him. The torture bill the Republican Congress passed last year limits liability for this President (some say even sets him up for a pardon if somehow the Court grew some balls).

We can't rely on the courts to protect us. If we, don't impeach him all of these powers become inherited powers. If we don't impeach him we'd better be very careful about selecting all subsequent Presidents because they'll inherit all these powers and have precedence to grab even more.



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