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Thursday, April 12, 2007

EEK! Can THIS be True???

Hope ... hope ... hope ...

Gore to Announce for President EXCLUSIVE

He’s tanned, restless, and ready. Insiders at Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection tell Lost Nation TV that the former vice president and Oscar winner will announce his candidacy for president sometime between August 18th and 21st. You heard it here first.

Gore formed the alliance to bring the climate change issue to "NASCAR fans, churchgoers, labor-union members, small businessmen, engineers, hunters, sportsmen, corporate leaders, you name it."

Add to that coalition the hard-core greens, anti-war voters, and those who think he got just plain screwed in 2000 when the Bush coup stole the election from him, and you have a formidable campaign brewing.

Gore has the financial wherewithal to self-finance a nascent candidacy – at least until the grassroots and money-bags sense the inevitable and flock to him.

Even as a non-candidate, Gore polls among the top-tier Democrats for president. When he announces, he’ll breathe life into the 2008 election where the frontrunner carries baggage from the past, and her closest competition is a charismatic, but untested new-comer.



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