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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle -- tsk, tsk

Here I go getting catty again!

I was a little surprized she arrives at 10 Downing Street in a sweater but I thought maybe she's dressing for stuff she's going to do later with the Sarah Brown.

But a SWEATER to meet the Queen!!!

Today's outfit is the WORST!!

I BEG you, Oprah!! Please, please, please loan her your stylist!!!

Bonnie Fuller is calling our beautiful Michelle a Fashion Disaster! This MUST change!

UPDATE 4-2-09:

Here's Carla Sarkosy at Number 10 -- Michelle is NOT going to compare favorably.

GAWD I'm awful!!! But our Michelle has it all over Carla -- successful lawyer who made it on her own vs nude model heiress?? So I HATE that her clothes don't reflect her status.


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