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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

O'Reilly Stalks to Prove He's Against Crimes Against Women

The irony might be humorous if what he was doing wasn't so threatening. O’Reilly sent his lap dog, Jesse Watters, out to stalk Amanda Terkel. Stalking is very threatening and scary to women. So why did he do it? He claims to get an apology to the Alexa Foundation but I think he’s a bully and just wants to demonstrate what a big dog he his. Let's remind ourselves that stalking behavor is clinically seen as a symptom of narcissism, borderline, paranoid, and dependent personality -- with antisocial personality also possible, but not as common. It’s aggressive, intimidating, scary, and threatening. There’s no other way to interpret that kind of action – that’s it purpose and desired effect. He is abusing a woman because he wants her to shut up.

Way to prove you deserve to be a speaker at the Alexa foundation, Bill!

Let’s all pray that his example isn’t copied by other men that don’t like something a woman says.


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