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Monday, June 01, 2009

If you're Rich, You're Perfect

Sen. John McCain endorsed Meg Whitman and called her the future of the GOP.

GAWD help us!

I guess the future of the GOP is crooked bankers, child labor exploitation, slavery, theft (but at least she gave it back when she got caught -- so since she's rich, no prosecution -- ooopsie!), and a religious extremist homophobe.

But she says she'll run California like a business (hey! Didn't Arnold say that was what he was going to do?) What part of her business should we expect her to apply to California? The part of her disastrous purchase of Skype? Cronyism with Goldman Sachs? Or will she just outsource California? I mean she keeps saying she believes in job creation -- but she also wants more H1B visas and sings the praises of Globalization.

But the media loves her! She's rich ergo she's perfect!


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