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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hoffman is Thrown Under the Bus

Big surprise! Hoffman lost in NY-23. (snark, snark)

A week ago Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman met with the editorial board of the Watertown Daily Times, the largest paper in the district. After Hoffman “showed no grasp of the bread-and-butter issues pertinent to district residents,” his companion in the meeting, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, rose to his defense by dismissing regional concerns as “parochial” issues that would not determine the outcome of the election.

Today the story is different. Politico reports on a conference call Wednesday with reporters to discuss the 2009 election results, Dannenfelser, Campaign for Working Families PAC President Gary Bauer and National Organization for Marriage Executive Director Brian Brown largely avoided analyzing the New York special election and focused on GOP victories in the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races. They report Dick Armey had some thoughts:
Armey, the former House GOP majority leader, noted that Democrats had seized on Hoffman’s inability to address local concerns.

“The fact of the matter is, he didn’t pay enough attention to the local concerns, and they were able to tag him as being unaware of the local needs and concerns,” Armey said.

I expect my Congressman to be aware and an advocate for my local issues first and foremost. But the tea-baggers have a litmus test that their candidates must only subscribe and follow the Glen Beck 9.12. And if you don't win after all their money, talent, and celebrity then there's something wrong with you.

Luckily NY-23 saw how they were trying to use them and looked out for their interests first.

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