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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Mount Vernon Statement

The CPAC clan has come out with the newest gimmick a sort of "Contract on American II", called The Mount Vernon Statement. It's all pretty with parchment background and scripty fonts and words like moral, honor, faith, God, traditional, freedom, etc. we are all invited to electronically sign on to the screed after the original signers. I for one will not "join" with these original signers nor do I ever want my name to be associated with these criminals who I would normally NEVER associate with those words:

Edwin Meese -- Remember Wedtech?
Wendy Wright -- her organization is against civil rights for gay and lesbians and is also the HPV vaccine (like Gardasil). She also wrote "An Ordinary Girl's Dialogue With God" one of those purpose driven life screeds
Lee Edwards -- who brags in his signature that he was present at the signing of the Sharon Statement. I preferred the Port Huron Statement.
Tony Perkins -- who has recently tried to prevent Planned Parenthood from providing earthquake relief to women in Haiti saying they were trying to promote their agenda (yes they were -- the agenda was to try to help women who had lost EVERYTHING PREVENT unwanted pregnancies, have healthy pregnancies, and safe births).
Brent Bozell -- who believes net neutrality amounts to a plot to "control the Internet."
Kenneth Cribb -- a professional Climate Change denier funded by Exxon
Grover Norquist -- remember the Abramoff scandal?

I don't think I need to go on. I for one will NOT be adding my name to theirs. I have NOTHING in common with these hacks.

However, I bet this screed gets tons of publicity and in the end it will be as effective as the the Sharon Statement 50 years ago or the Contract on America from 1994.

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