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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Intellectually Dishonest

Are the Republithugs being intellectually dishonest, simpleminded, or deliberately obtuse on this Harry Reid is a racist thing? I'm not a big fan of Senator Reid and I hope a progressive Dem replaces him but it has nothing to do with his comments about 'light skinned' and 'negro dialect' -- it has EVERYTHING to do with his handling of Senators Landrieu and Nelson during the health care negotiations and his chumminess with Lieberman.

Republicans have been pouncing on Reid's comments and calling for Reid's resignation from the Senate leadership. They compare Reid's comments to Trent Lott's 2002 comments that America would have been better off had then-segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond been elected president in 1948, which resulted in Lott being forced to leave the GOP leadership. There is a clear difference between the comments, of course: While Lott's words were interpreted as an argument that segregationist policies would have been better for America than integration, Reid was discussing a political strategic reality.

Joe Ritchey over at Fundamental Truths like me has noticed Joe Scarborough's obsession with this:
The irony here is the more Joe talks the more clear it is that it is him that has a racial issue not Harry Reid. . . . But Scarborough along with his other old white boy cohorts Pat Buchanan and Mike Barnacle dig a deeper and deeper hole for themselves by trying to claim some anti Republican bias as if there is no difference in the remarks. His biggest argument to justify his point are unprovable hypothetical, "what would happen" if it was a Republican that said it.

I find it amazing that in a effort to politically destroy Harry Reid by claiming racism, Scarborough is showing clearly how totally clueless about race he is.

Chuck Todd has joined the chorus claiming the two events are the same. Crooks and Liars captured Todd's Tweet:
Why is Reid surviving while Lott didn't? Dems are rallying around Reid; GOPers let Lott whither on vine.


Liz Cheney and Michael Steele are in the same sinking boat as Scarborough and Todd. It's telling when George Will is the voice of reason in this cluster-@#$%.

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