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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Volunteers Bail out BP

I volunteer in my community and I'm a big believer in volunteering but in the case of the aggregious actions by BP, no American should do volunteer work to clean up for them. BP should be required to pay everyone a prevailing wage for sopping up shorelines, picking up and cleaning wild life, and all the other jobs currently being done by volunteers. And BP should cover every person who works on this clean up with medical coverage in case they get sick handling their mess. This is not a time for volunteers -- god bless them -- to be bailing out an irresponsible corporate giant but instead they need to be compensated by the offender and protected. Let's not have another situation like the 9-11 responders who were forgotten when they got sick from being at ground zero.

Another outrage that is little reported is how the government is cooperating with BP on the extent of the damage this gusher has caused and is causing. Reporter Mac McClelland reported for Need to Know from Grand Isle, La. where she was refused entry to a publically owned beach by local law enforcement. He told her she had to get a pass from BP's public information office if she wanted to go to a public beach. WTF!!

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