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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adult Republithugs??

Steve Benen over at The Washington Monthly has a great take on Congressman Eric Cantor's response to Obama's weekly address.

...The frequently-confused Republican leader said that if voters backed the GOP in November, his party would offer "responsible, adult leadership."

Now, of all the things Republicans have to offer the electorate, perhaps no three words in the English language are less appropriate than "responsible, adult leadership." As should be abundantly clear by now, today's GOP officials approach their responsibilities and substantive discourse with all the maturity of a child. A young child. A young, slow child. A medicated, young, slow child who's easily distracted and hasn't learned social norms about honesty...

I would add petulant. They remind me of the character Max Braverman on Parenthood on TV. The kid has Asperger's Disorder and gets fixated something and cannot be denied it. Max possesses normal intelligence and language development traits but experiences challenges with social and communication skills -- same as the Republithugs! Max has to be the center of attention and his needs are priority -- same as the Republithugs! Max sometimes doesn't make any sense in what he says and likes to dress up in a costume -- in Max's case it's a pirate costume, in the Republithug's case they dress in tri-corner hats with tea bags stapled on them.

Steve Benen is a little kinder than me:
In 2010, Republicans choose not to know anything about public policy, can't engage in an honest debate, reflexively oppose anything Democrats support (including GOP ideas), and reject responsibility for the spectacular failures they created while in the majority.

Cantor is promising "responsible, adult leadership"? From whom, exactly? When was the last time a Republican leader said something intelligent and accurate about any area of public policy? When was the last time the GOP acted in a responsible fashion during a substantive debate? When was the last time the nation saw so much as a glimmer of maturity from any member of the party leadership?

Heather over at Crooks and Liars has a good take on this too:
The Republicans are simply not a serious political party right now. They have nothing to offer other than attacking the Democrats at every turn and they are more than willing to use every means at their disposal to assure they get back into power.

We continue to hope, against the odds, that responsible Republicans will escape extinction and one day provide partners for us again. But Cantor can't promise this at this point. Adults compromise. Responsible legislators work for the greater good, not just their own re-election prospects. Leaders lead, encourage others to lead, and move forward -- not obstruct and try to undo progress. Cantor can't point to any evidence that today's Republithugs can reach that bar.



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