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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Please Support

GB runs an ad which was taken right from the Reagan play book -- a direct copy of Reagan's bear ad. But this time the internet fights back -- this site gets my vote for the most original and quickest retort!

Wolf Haven is near Olympia and does a great service by protecting wild wolves, providing sanctuary for captive born wolves, protecting and restoring historic ranges, and providing education. They do great things!

I do alot of volunteer work with my local animal shelter and Wolf Haven is a hero to us. Most wolves at the shelter cannot be reintroduced to the wild due to idiots that try to keep wolves as pets and come to their senses and then drop them off at the shelter, wolf pups of road kill mothers, and wolves who are persistently attracted to urban areas and trapped. These wolves become the problem of the shelter. Wolf Haven gives us an excellent option to putting them down.

Thanks WolfpacksforTruth! Greeat political message and great charity!


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