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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

When People Vote, Democrats Win

From the Puget Sound Business Journal

10:04 AM PDT Wednesday
State election officials predict record turnout
Washington election officials are predicting that voter turnout this year could rival any election held since 1944, when Franklin Roosevelt defeated Thomas Dewey for U.S. president.
Secretary of State Sam Reed estimates that the 84 percent turnout percentage in that election will be matched this year. If the prediction holds, turnout in November will reach the highest level in 60 years; if it's exceeded, turnout could top all presidential elections on record.

and in another story from The Olympian:

Record number register to vote
An unprecedented number of people have registered to vote in Thurston County this year, according to county Auditor Kim Wyman.
More than 750 people came to the county courthouse to register on Monday, the cutoff for the November election. That number brings the total up to about 136,000 registered for the coming election.
"This year is an anomaly," said Wyman. "I've been here since '91, and I've never seen anything like it."
About 214,000 people live in Thurston County, according to the Thurston Regional Planning Council.

To quote that great American, Bob the Builder: "Can we do it?! Yes, We Can!!"


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