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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I Want to Join the Majority

That's it. I did everything I could. I'm exhausted. I've used up my vacation leave on this election. I've gone in debt contributing. The definition of crazy is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. I'm tired of being in the minority. So here's my new attitude:
  1. Deficites are good
  2. Aggressive imperial war is good
  3. The Bill of Rights (except the 2nd one) are evil
  4. The 10 Commandments (except that one about bearing false witness) are good
  5. I will consult with my Congressman before having any medical procedure
  6. If I can't afford healthcare and guarantee a healthy profit for the company offering it, tough. I deserve to be culled from the heard.
  7. Taxes, except those on wages, are evil
  8. All must sacrafice to guarantee high corporate devidends and high corporate executive salaries
  9. Outsourcing is good
  10. God made a mistake putting the oil in the Middle East and it's the white man's right to correct this error
  11. The natural resources are here for us to use up
  12. There is no Global Warming
  13. Anwar needs to be exploited. We're wasting it otherwise
  14. Michael Moore is evil, Bill O'Rilley is good
  15. Questionning authority = treason
  16. Having an opinion = evil
  17. Lies = Truth
  18. Coal = Clean
  19. I need a weapon
  20. We need to bomb countries and kill hundreds of thousands of innocents to save them
  21. Free people are free to loot
  22. Sneak and Peak is for my own protection
  23. Gays need to be ostrasized
  24. Single monthers need to be marginalized
  25. Neither can ever be allowed to teach our precious children
  26. White is right, all others are only right if they respect that
  27. There is no genocide in Africa
  28. AIDS is God's punishment and we shouldn't interrupt His retribution
  29. Schools should be self supporting unless they teach Christianity
  30. Social Security is a handout for sitting on my ass and doing nothing
  31. Injured soldiers need to suck it up and quit trying to get handouts of medical care
  32. Soldiers need to stop being wimps about wanting armor and ammo
  33. My duty is to consume until I'm in debt but not to the point of bankrupt
  34. All lawyers, except corporate lawyers, are evil
  35. 150,000 votes in Ohio = mandate
  36. Roads and bridges and their upkeep should be free
  37. All Government is evil
  38. All women, unless they are mothers, are to be marginalized
I'm sure I will be told of more truths in the near future.


  • At 11:49 AM , Blogger Candace said...

    I know what you mean! It's tempting to give up. I hear it's not really THAT cold in Canada...
    I'm new to blogging, so was browsing, ran across your post and just had to say how much I love it! Have a Happy Thanksgiving; turkey will be especially apropo this year. Regards, Chenoah.


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