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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sean Aday Says it Right!

We've got to quit this blaming Kerry and each other. The Republicans won with hate. I am sad that I live in the Country that hates so much but here we are.

Sean Aday has a great article today in . He concludes with:

the bottom line is we didn't try and get a president elected by pandering to hate. I'd rather lose every god damn election in my lifetime than win their way. But the beauty is, we can win without doing that. We did in 2000, and we came within a whisker of doing so this year. Remember that when the DLC tells us that we need to sell out gays (after telling us to sell out unions, and blacks, and the poor, and all the other, well, Democrats out there) to win the support of Bible-thumping bigots in Alabama that are never going to vote for us anyway. That's wrong, on every level.

As my Media Law and Ethics professor at Northwestern said to us in her final lecture, at the end of the day all you have is your integrity. They don't have any; we do. And I'd trade the White House for being able to look in the mirror any day.


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