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Monday, January 09, 2006

King George

It appears that Congress has gone the way of that pesky Geneva Convention -- obsolete and quaint. Last week King George demonstrated his true complete disregard and disrespect of Congress (and therefore the American people) through his AWFUL recess appointments and the signing statement he made when signing the torture bill.

First -- recess appointments were supposed to be used in the case of emergency. What was the emergency to fill 3 seats on the Fed Election Commission, other than to stack the Commission with anti-McCain -Feingold commissioners? You would have thought King George would have learned some kind of lesson about cronyism during Katrina but he's done it again with appointing the neice of a general to head immigration in Homeland Secruity. Great! Someone completely clueless heading one of the more important sections of HSA.

Second -- where does he get off making signing statements when signing the anti-torture bill!! Yeah, torture is illegal for everyone else but King George.

Of course, the most egregious abuse of presidential power is King George's violation of FISA. He deliberately disobeyed FISA by placing warrantless wiretaps on U.S. citizens at the rate of 500 calls per day for three years or more.

The list of King George’s Administration scandals is staggering: deliberately violating FISA, mishandling Katrina, lying about and/or bungling the evidence for war to leaking the name of a CIA spy and the subsequent cover-up, allowing Kenny Boy to rob power consumers in the West, robbing billions of dollars from taxpayer for his friends contracting in Iraq and delivering nothing , trying to make our social security trust fund “worthless pieces of paper”, Cheney’s Enron-designed energy plan, warming the atmosphere, giving credibility to creationism as a science, ignoring nuclear threat in Korea and Iran, neglecting worker safety in the mines until 12 had to die, rewarding sending jobs off-shore, agreeing to give Wal-Mart 15 days notice before the Labor Department does any "surprise" visits, covering up the largest toxic spill in the US (the slag spill in PA) black prisons, prisoner rendition and torture - and on and on.

When will SOMEONE stand up to this man and make him accountable??!! Congress has abandoned us. The Courts make rulings and then are powerless to enforce them and he's stacking the Courts so he won't be bothered with their chatter soon.

Do we have to take to the streets to de-throne this King?


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