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Friday, March 24, 2006

Still Trying to Get Co-Sponsors

Sen Cantwell's staff sent me one of her feel-good e-mails so I took the opportunity to again express my wish that she co-sponsor Feingold's censure resolution:

Thanks for the up date on what Senator Cantwell is doing. Senator Cantwell does a fine job supporting our troops and I especially appreciate her leadership on fighting the good fight against drilling in ANWAR-- but we NEED her to show leadership on protecting our Constitution. We know through recent freedom of information requests that this administration has classified Quaker groups,"tea and cookie"-church-basement-type peace groups, and organizations like PAWS as "terrorist". So when President Bush says he's only wiretapping without a warrant "terrorists", I'm worried.

Please tell the Senator that we need her to stand upfor the 4th Amendment. Warrants and oversight are a critical and essential part of what differentiates us and makes us secure and free.


PCO Bigelow 107

I got this response:

I will pass this message on. You are one of hundreds who have contacted our office asking for Senator Cantwell to join Sen. Feingold's censure motion. While she has not made her position public on the issue, she has heard the voices of those who support the measure. I completely agree with you the clear cut nature of the President’s violation of the 4th Amendment, and the need to protect the constitution from this imperial presidency. Feel free to contact me at any time on this issue and others.
Isaac Castellano


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