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Thursday, March 16, 2006

What's Up with Patty Murray?

Senator Patty Murray is one of the many Dems who have refused to take a stand on Senator Russ Feingold’s resolution censuring Dubya for his illegal wiretaps, was happy to co-sponsor a resolution censuring Bill Clinton in 1999.

The question for her is: why would you censure a president for an office affair but not for illegal wiretaps?

Bush broke the law. We're calling him on it so he'll start following the law. Only then can we even start talking about if there is a need to change a law.

But while Patty Murray can’t seem to agree on an Iraq strategy, Feingold was the first Senator to propose a target date for ground troop withdrawal and redeployment to better fight Al Qaeda, moving the entire debate. And while Murray failed to challenge Bush on the Patriot Act, Feingold risked scorn in consistently criticizing it and helped build grassroots opposition.
In that vein, his censure resolution is clearly in line with his long-standing commitment to civil liberties, trying to do all he can to get our government right with the Constitution. He’s simply practicing his principles.

Where are Senator Murray's principles?

And since she's up for re-election this year, wouldn't this be a good time for Senator Cantwell to grow a backbone and stand up for civil liberties and the rule of law?


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