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Friday, December 29, 2006

WA-A-AY Off Topic

I was a HUGE Beatle fan in my youth. H-U-G-E! So a friend loaned me the new CD "Love" and I've been really appreciating it, But here's the thing -- I occassionally suffer from CRS (Can't Remember Stuff) in my old age. So how come when I hear a re-mixed Beatles song I know exactly what was taken out and what was added and -- here's the real useless stuff -- I know what the next song is supposed to be based on a how they were arranged on an old album 40 years ago!! Why can't we do a search of our brain every once in awhile and "trash can" some of this useless stuff out of our brain to make room for stuff like, for instance, what did I have for lunch yesterday?
But I highly recommend "Love" -- the arrangements are beautiful. I'm going to have to get my own copy when I return my friend's.


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