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Monday, March 05, 2007

Talking Up Gore as President

A friend wrote:

If Obama wasn’t in the race I could see Gore entering even though he’d be up against the Clintons but unless Obama has a melt down I think he’ll probably get the nomination. I’ve said all along that Hillary won’t do well in the primaries though now that they’re trying to accelerate and clump the primaries closer, California could be a key for her if she can survive the first primaries . . . On SIXTY MINUTES last night the Comptroller said we’re on a course of self-destruction. The prescription drug plan added 40% more to entitlements of the Medicare program, a program already bleeding the economy. He said the politicians, all of them know this + Social Security & the Baby Boomers. No politician is willing to restructure SS or increase revenues; i.e. taxes, because they know they won’t get elected. To be honest I don’t know WHY anyone would ant to be President; it’s almost an inevitable losing proposition. Having said all this, I would vote for Gore if he got the nomination but I don’t think he’ll run but kudos to you for being so informed & proactive. GOOD LUCK !

My response:

I agree that Obama is appealing and has charisma but when I listen to him I don't hear anything -- he talks that politco speak of platitudes but no substance. Maybe the specifics are coming later but I can't get behind him until it does.

I wish Hillary would just sit this one out. I just don't want to go down that Rose Law firm, Stephen Foster, Monica, travel-gate, blah, blah, blah road again. She's too polarizing. I'm glad to see Obama competing and getting some of the big money away from her. We have a weak Senator out here who squeeked back in office by getting all the big money tied up, buying out her competitors, and steamrolling her way through the primary. I was afraid Hillary was going to do the same thing.

Let Hillary self destruct, folks figure out Obama is personality but no substance, and Edwards limp along -- 6 to 8 months from now Gore can step over their bloody exhausted bodies and announce. As long as he keeps that passion he showed in his speach before the Iraq war and he's shown with global warming, he'll be a winner! He's fearless when he's not being managed and that's what we'll need to undo all the damage from this past administration.

I also saw 60 Minutes last night but I believe, with courage, those problems are fixable. Get rid of the salary cap for contributions into social security and the problem is solved -- it will have enough funds to pay as promised. Go to a single payer, universal healthcare system and healthcare will be cheaper for everyone, including medicare receipients. Companies like GM are already promoting this idea and seem to have the data to support it. But those iniatives need someone with courage and leadership to achieve them -- Hillary will never be able to get people together to do it. Obama hasn't demonstrated that he even recognizes the problems yet. Edwards -- maybe but I'm not completely convinced. But the Gore I saw giving that speach to sure could!

It's going to be an interesting 2 years! Good luck to us ALL!

Another fiend said how can Gore use all that electric energy in his home?!

My response: Click this link

MSNBC's investigation of this story



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