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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Happened in Nevada???

Why did Edwards do so poorly in Nevada? How did he do so well in the polls just before the caucus but ended up with only 3% of the delegates at the caucus? Something is fishy but unfortunately we'll never know for sure -- the Nevada Democratic Party did not retain any records as to how the caucus attendees actually voted. What is wrong with these people!!!?? Verifiable voting is a core value for the rest of us Democrats!

Their excuse is that the turnout was larger than they anticipated -- so what?! First of all they should have anticipated the large turn out after what happened in Iowa. Secondly, yes, 116,000 caucus attendees vs the 45,000 they had 4 years ago is a great increase BUT you still have the same number of precincts -- the number of precincts didn't DOUBLE -- and a precinct committee officer should be able to improvise, use blank paper -- and most importantly FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.

I've read their rules at NV DEMS Caucus and records should have been kept.

Caucus goers wrote letters to the editor at the Review Journal and stated:

My precinct location was stacked in favor of Hillary Clinton before anybody arrived. Many of the precinct workers wore Hillary T-shirts. Sen. Clinton's sign was on a wall by itself. John Edwards, Sen. Joe Biden and Rep. Dennis Kucinich shared another wall, though Sen. Biden's name was completely hidden by a projector screen accidentally lowered during introductions, and the space allotted for Sen. Biden and Rep. Kucinich was occupied by a large grand piano. Sen. Barack Obama, "uncommitted" and "observers" shared a third wall. There wasn't a fourth wall, as the other half of the room was being used by another precinct.

All the chairs in the room were placed under Sen. Clinton's sign. If you supported anybody else, you could stand or sit on the floor. Very democratic.

Here's another:

How they got any accurate vote is anyone's guess. After putting us in groups based on our choice of political candidate and precinct, they counted heads. After awhile they allowed us to cast a paper ballot. Those people who were not registered to vote with the political party did not have an official ballot. These people used a single slip of paper without their name or precinct on it. Were they counted?
My theory is that Nevada had untrained PCOs, unable to effectively ensure a fair chance for every candidate, determine viability, or divide up delegates to the candidates, and confusion ruled -- BUT because the Party didn't retain records, we cannot rule out hanky-panky.

Edwards got screwed and therefor we all got screwed.



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