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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I Love Howard Dean

I'm tired of all this Dean-Bashing. The Democratic Convention is the DNC's party -- the DNC gets to make the rules and just because he won't break the rules and give someone an advantage, I think makes him a GREAT chaiman. If Hillary doesn't like Howard Dean then she should pull a Lieberman and create her own party -- but if she wants Democratic support, mailing lists, money, infrastructure -- she needs to respect the rules and respect Howard Dean.

Also, Florida Dems openly mocked Dean when they moved the date of their primary up but now they want him to fix it. Howard Dean and the DNC have been absolutley clear about the primary/caucus date rules since Fall. Again the Convention is a DNC party and the DNC gets to decide the rules of who gets to attend. Florida can't have it both ways -- flaunt the rules and then want some special dispensation. And Hillary can't sign a statement that she will respect the rules of the DNC and not campaign in Florida and Michigan and now whine and blame Obama and Dean.

I love and support Howard Dean. I think his 50-State Strategy is great and was long over due -- again Carville mocked Dean over this. I felt the primary season in effect started the night of the mid-term election with all the talking heads speculation and was proud that Howard Dean drew a line in the sand and said NO contests before Iowa and New Hampshire. I like Iowa and New Hampshire being first because if gives lesser connected and lesser financed candidates a chance to get their voices heard and mabe catch on and voices like John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich NEED to be heard.

I think I'll donate some money to the DNC today. How about you?


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