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Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Couple Thoughts This Week

I've been watching Rev. Wright's speeches on YouTube and I agree with the words he is saying. The passion is hard to get used to but the words are relevant and honest. For those (read 'Chris Matthews') obsessed with the question of why Obama didn't speak up or change churches -- I want to ask why didn't they speak up earlier and stop going to their Catholic church when the rumors of pedophilia started? I might not have chosen the words "God Damn America" but as a counter balance to his point that we don't deserve to say intone "God Bless America" I understand the contrasting speech technique.

How come McCain's repeated mistakes of confusing Al Qaeda with extremists is being brushed off as a "gaff"? Shouldn't someone be talking about whether this is a sign of dementia? What would be the talking points if Obama or Clinton made the similar "gaff"?

I think Obama's speech on Rev Wright will go down in history as an important speech -- similar to those of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. It will be quoted and analyzed for years to come.

I went to the LD caucus training for Obama delegates. I came out discouraged -- for my Congressional district we get only 2 women delegates -- and my congressional district includes Pierce, King & Thurston counties! So my chances of getting to Denver is pretty slim. The meeting was too long and LD 2 folks were in the minority but took over the meeting.

The Deputy from the State Department who was the spokesperson on the unauthorized passport snooping issue said he had investigated and found other instances where passport information had been viewed for on the other current candidates and spoke about Hillary and McCain. What about Dodd? Edwards? Paul? etc.?

I understand why people say it was absolutely necessary for the American tax payer to bail out Bear Stearns but why are the profits always theirs -- we can't even tax capital gains -- but the losses are ours? No bail outs should ever occur unless concessions are made -- either higher taxes or more regulations or both.

I always feel like I'm being manipulated by the press and getting only 1/2 of the story.


  • At 1:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Seajane, unfortunately your post reveals a vast amount of ignorance about the topic you attempt to address.

    In fact, Catholics were extremely active as soon as the abuse scandal broke.

    Catholics formed several organizations to address the abuse.

    Catholics paid millions of dollars in compensation to victims of abuse.

    Catholics demanded that priests show how money from the collection plate was to be spent.

    Really, if you don't know these very, very basic facts, you know absolutely nothing about the church abuse crisis.

    Catholics, in every way, showed a level of integrity that Barack Obama has never shown --

    In fact, Catholics demonstrated model behavior.

    Barack Obama is a conman and a liar, and any comparison between him and Catholics in the wake of the church abuse crisis makes that manifest.


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