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Monday, April 07, 2008

St McCain

I'm not the greatest fan of Ed Schultz -- I figure he's a big enough fan of himself that he doesn't really need me. But why is he taking heat for calling McCain a "warmonger"? defines "warmonger" as:

a person who advocates war or warlike policies [syn: militarist]

Doesn't that describe McCain to a "T"?

McCain just spent a week travelling around the USA pointing out all the highlights of his life -- almost all of which were military connected. (Didn't he have any high points connected with his kids? Wife?) He says it would be fine to be in Iraq for 100 years. Jokes about bombing Iran. He says all this Middle Eastern strife is his real strength and expertise despite being unable to tell the difference between the different sides and his solution for every foreign policy problem has always been more troops.

But the poor man's sensibilities are offended when someone observes that he is a warmonger? Grow up!


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