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Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Liking Obama More and More Every Day

The Obama team just announced that New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, a vocal gay rights leader, will open President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration with a prayer on Sunday's kick-off event at the Lincoln Memorial.

I LOVE the timing of this! After all the dismissing by the Right of our outrage over Warren, it will be very awkward for them to get outrageous over Robinson's role (although I'm sure the hypocrites will be happy to show themselves).

Was this delibrate? Or was this in response to the Left's outrage? Either way this was a smart move for Obama.

UPDATE 1-18-09
HBO cut the Robinson invocation from their broadcast today of the Lincoln Memorial concert. Chicken shit!

UPDATE 1-19-09
HBO must have heard our voices. They've promised to include it on future broadcasts.

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