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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tom Daschle

Everybody is all a titter about Tom Daschle withdrawing today. MSM is questioning Obama's judgement. EEK the Sky is falling!

I blame Tom Daschle. We need him to get universal health care. He had the connections, clout, spine, and nerve to push this through. He had a well defined and articulated program on the shelf. BUT He KNEW he had these problems in his background. He also had to know that the Reputhugs would turn over every stone to avoid confirming him. Why didn't he give Obama a heads up BEFORE the nomination? He then could have served as an unconfirmable advisor and we would have gotten his clout and expertise. Now he's stained and out. GRRRR -- I'm really disappointed in him.

But I have a solution -- not as powerful in the Senate but maybe even more powerful in the court of public opinion and certainly knowledgeable enough: Doctor Howard Dean.

In case anyone is foolish enough to want to offer me a position that needs confirmation -- forget it. I have many sins hidden under rocks that would prevent me from being confirmed. But I can still work in your administration . . . anyone?? . . . hello??



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