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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Term President?

John Amato (he'd sure look darn good in Harman's seat)over at Crooks & Liars says:
It's real simple. If President Obama doesn't include a vibrant public option in health care reform, he will lose the left and will never recover. Is that what he wants? Does he want to be a one-term president? Does he want conservatives and teabaggers to control Congress?

I'm sick and tired of hearing his representatives tell me that Congress is writing the bill. He won a mandate to reform health care. John McCain's plans for health care were rejected by Americans. So why is he involved in a kabuki dance with all the weak-kneed Democrats like Blanche Lincoln, DiFi, Ben Nelson, Kent Conrad and all the rest of the corporate Dems? And why does Sen. Grassley matter at all? They don't care about American families and what's been happening to them.

I agree. And Senators Murray and Cantwell are in the same sinking ship if they betray us again. We will throw these corporatrists over and re-build the party if necessary.



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