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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Romney is Playing with Statistics Again

Mitt Romney just said on Meet the Press that the average Government worker makes approximately $30,000 more that private workers. Idiot. Yes, the average occupational wage of Civil Service occupations is about $65,000 but that is by occupation, not worker. There are far more entry level Civil Servants and blue collar workers than judges and Agency heads. This statistics also ignores the military service members which would further drive this number down. But even at that, Romney failed to compare the average occupational wage from the private sector to the Civil Service wage. Instead he seems to have compared it to the median individual wage. In 2007 the average household income in the United States was over $50,000 -- still a far way from $30,000 less than Civil Servants. What he must have been referring to is the median of people, not occupations, which was $26,000 in 2006.

Romney is mixing apples and oranges and NO ONE on Meet the Press challenged Mitt. Idiots!



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