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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My Blog Live During the Debate

I'm watching the C-Span version

5:48 pm edt -- Ok, Ok! Enough of all the thank yous! Let's Get this show on ther road.

5:51 pm -- TH-K looks GREAT in that red suit!

5:52 pm -- Bob Schieffer's tie is a hoot! It looks like a flag. BS has such a twinkle in his voice -- not an investigative voice at all. Hope GWB doesn't attack him like he did Charlie Gibson!

6:04 pm -- What the f*#k are they doing with the split screen??? GWB is blown up to a huge size when compared to JFK! He also has brighter lighting! Bubble head.

6:08 pm -- 1st Whopper! On 3-13-02 GWB said: "I truly am not that concerned about him." Now he denies it! See:

6:16 pm -- "Pay Go" ??? Hey, idiot: it's "pay AS YOU go"

6:21 pm -- Bubble head is even getting bigger!! Watch out! His head is going to explode!!! Thar he BLOWS!!

6:26 pm -- Gay marriage and homosexuality! BS! You go boy!

6:33 pm -- GWB can't admit in straight language that he's against Roe v Wade

6:35 pm -- What is GWB talking about? Doctor's don't use information technology?? What kind of doctor does he go to? Even my pet's vet uses technology.

6:43 pm -- GWB says veterans are getting very good health care. He is blind and deaf -- but I guess he's really never talked to anyone waiting 6 months to see a doctor at a VA hospital like here at McCord or look at their aging buildings and equipment -- OH!! That explains why he thinks doctors don't use information technology!! He's talking about VA doctors! Silly me!

6:50 pm -- GWB still insists most of the tax cuts went to the low and middle class. See

"Budget office numbers show that most of Mr. Bush's tax cuts went to the best-off 10 percent of families, and more than a third went to the top 1 percent, whose average income is more than $1 million."

6:58 pm -- JFK scored BIG time on minimum wage! I guess GWB thinks only the uneducated get minimum wage since he's only talking about education.

7:00 pm -- Still can't say Roe v Wade! GWB is physically unable to answer a straight question with a straight answer.

7:12 pm -- Affirmative action. JFK is scoring big time on this issue too. But OOPS! He's wrong. GWB did meet with the CBC in Feb 2001!! ARGH! see

"The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) recently met with President Bush and reminded the Republican president of the wounds inflicted by the Florida presidential election deadlock and discussed more than 20 other issues including racial profiling, election reform, AIDS, Africa, education and civil rights.

The meeting of 31 members of the CBC was "cordial" said Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer, and lasted 90 minutes--twice as long as scheduled."

Ooooh! 90 minutes -- 20 issues BUT THIS WAS 42 months ago! What a guy.

7:30 pm -- it's rum & coke time . . . I've had enough.



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