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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Frame 1

Society benefits whenever people make a public lifetime commitment to one another.

Talking points:
  • Love and commitment are fundamental to all Americans
  • The government should not tell people who they can and can't marry
  • We believe in equal rights
  • Marriage is like baptism or other life cycle events and the method of their being performed should be a private issue. The Government's role should be limited to recordkeeping. The individuals involved should be free to celebrate these events in the church of their choosing, in a backyard, on a beach, or in a Vegas casino. We don't want a government bureaucracy getting into the business of regulating these personal celebrations.
  • There is precedence. Civil divorce is not recognized by either Jews or Catholics. But in the eyes of the government the couple is divorced.
  • If we deny basic civil rights to loving and committed couples, how and where do we draw the line? Will the government next decide that a convent of nuns cannot visit one another in the hospital, cannot make decisions for one another when incapacitated, or lose their joint inheritance rights? What about a situation like Sarah and Elizabeth Delany -- two elderly sisters living together? Which government bureaucracy will decide which couple lose their civil rights and which couples are protected?
  • If people love one another and are willing to take responsibility for one another, there will be less strain on the government to provide services.


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