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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My E-Mail to Tammy Bruce

Discussing recent comments by Howard Dean, former NOW LA President Tammy Bruce said that electing Dean chairman of the Democratic National Committee was "like putting O.J. Simpson in charge of a battered women's shelter." She would know being a tight friend of Nicole Simpson's obsessed sister. Bruce is always trying portray herself as a "real" Democrat

So here is a copy of my e-mail to her:

Subject: You don't like Howard Dean?

Ask yourself this, did anything Dean say make the republicans angry? If so, good! Do you think when republicans say something that hurts our feelings or is outrageous they worry about it? You don't see republicans castigating their own when one of them gets passionate. Why are Democrats always the first to turn on our own?

We Democrats are tired of taking it like one of those toys from my youth -- the blow up clown with sand in the bottom -- the republicans keep hitting us and we're just supposed to pop back up and silently wait for the next hit. "Flip flop" Thank you, sir can I have another? "Democrats are unpatriotic" (or even in some cases "traitors") Thank you sir, can I have another? "Democrats are anti god" Thank you sir, can I have another? "Democrats committed fraud in
Washington State" -- NO! and as we just proved here in Washington, when we fight back, we win.

It's time for some passion. It's time to shout the truth because quietly trying to explain is getting us no where.

So you think Dean makes people uncomfortable? Good. It's about time.

Jane Johnson
Life Long Democrat
Olympia, WA


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