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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm a 13 Year Old!!

The founders of Daily Kos and MyDD -- Markos Moulistas Zuniga and Jerome Armstrong came to Olympia Saturday to promote their book at Orcas Bookstore. I'm a fan so I went and while I'm up at their desk getting mu book signed, I realize that Washington's own, JC General or Jesus' General was standing behind me.

For some reason I turned into a 13 year old and started to gush. You know that awful feeling of when you know you're making a fool of yourself but you can't stop? I was there. "Oooo, I'm your biggest fan!!" ARG!

I made my way out of the store, got into my car and beat my head against the steering wheel. My only solace was that I was sure that I couldn't have been as bad as I thought I was and probably everyone was so wrapped up in the moment that no one noticed.

So I peek over at Jesus' General on Sunday the 9th and OH NO!!!! He writes about our embarrassing encounter!!!

I'm a 55 year old 13 year old! ARGH!


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