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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bush Has Made Me a Cynic

So Saddam has been executed. I can’t help but ask ‘why’? Oh, I know all the rhetoric – but wasn’t this true before Gulf War I? Didn’t Rumsfeld go to Iraq to court Saddam just a decade ago? He was captured just 2 years ago and his trial had huge problems even by kangaroo standards while we’ve kept others in Gitmo for longer without any trial or hearing. Bush doesn’t even think of Osama much less look for him. So why execute Saddam now?

I no longer accept these events in stride without questioning motivations. Too often the timing of events during this administration has been because of the political needs of Bush rather than any real moral conviction. This execution smacks of a Bush political move.

We won majorities in the House and Senate last month on primarily an anti-war message but Bush can’t accept our will. He’s never recognized that he’s supposed to be serving us.

He’s never explained why we’re fighting in Iraq – instead every lame excuse he’s offered has been easily and overwhelmingly de-bunked. But somehow he sticks to some empyreal concept of “win” or “succeed” without communicating any vision of just exactly what that would look like. Even the Iraq Study Group says get out. We almost have the power to pull out of Iraq. Bush knows this but will never willingly accept it.

So why execute Saddam last night? I believe Bush is counting on this to create the atmosphere where he can escalate the war for 2 more years – thus fulfilling his prophesy that it will be the next President’s problem. He will wash his hands and blame the next guy. The Sunni and Shia will respond to this execution. Bush is counting more American deaths to result which then in his ‘eye-for-an-eye’ mentality will provide the excuse for a major escalation. That’s why he’s been stalling in Crawford – give me a break! He needs “more time” to study the situation?! Outrageous! He was stalling for repercussions to give him an excuse.

He has no soul. He is sacrificing American lives and causing unimaginable repercussions to our children’s future just to satisfy his fantasy of being a war president, being powerful, being what he thinks is important. He is a failure and we will pay for his folly for decades.

Please join me in encouraging our Representatives and Senators to stay the course we laid during the election last month and get us out of Iraq.


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