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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chris Vance Admits He Contacted AG McKay on Governor's Race

According to the Seattle Times Washington Sate GOP Chair Chris Vance acknowledged that he had contacted AG John McKay about the status of the investigation into the governor's race in 2004.

"I said 'You know, John, we're getting a lot of complaints from activists about this,' " Vance said.

"[McKay] said, 'Stop right there, I can't talk about this. If we are doing any kind of investigation or not, I can't comment,' " Vance recalled, "so I dropped it

But here's the money quote:
"Republican activists were furious because they felt that you had a Republican secretary of state [Sam Reed], a Republican county prosecutor in Norm Maleng and a Republican U.S. attorney, but still they saw the governorship slipping away, and they were just angry," Vance said.

All those loyal Republicans and they couldn't figure out a way to steal an election without coercing an Federal Attorney General at the Justice Department. Poor Chris!

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