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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Darcy is IN!!

She lost by an average of only 5 votes per precinct in 2006 and broke many of our hearts. But Darcy Burner just filed to run again! Yippie!

She says:
Over the last several months, many of you have come to me and asked me to finish what we began in 2006. Recently Congressman Reichert has made clear once again how out-of-touch he is by supporting President Bush's plan to put more American troops into harm's way in Iraq, by voting against basic fiscal responsibility for our federal government, and by opposing worker's rights. In the face of his actions, I have realized that you are right.

We need a member of Congress who will work to build the country and the future we deserve. We need someone who will fight to ensure that we keep our promises to the young, to the old, and to all who contribute to making our county great. Thanks to all that you taught me and all you helped me build, there is nobody in a better position to win this seat than me.

So I am in.

Go to her site and send her some love to get her off a on strong footing.



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