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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tainted Pet Food Is Part of Larger Problem

Brilliant at Breakfast does a great job explaining the larger implications of the tainted pet food crisis. As he explains, it is already in our food:

learned yesterday that melamine-contaminated feed was fed to hogs.The FDA, U.S. Department of Agriculture and the California Department of Food and Agriculture are investigating.

Some animals that are believed to have eaten the contaminated food were slaughtered and sold as food before authorities learned their feed had been contaminated, said Nancy Lungren, spokeswoman for the California agriculture department

Brilliant discovers that the way this happened was that the hog farmer fed his hogs salvage pet food from Diamond Pet Foods Inc.

Get that? Salvage pet food!! They recalled the companion pet food and then fed it to our livestock!

WTF is wrong with the FDA that they let this happen???

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