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Thursday, April 19, 2007

WHOA!!! Dossiers?? Where's the Outrage?

Not only does it appear that the Government has set up dossiers on our prescription drug use but MSM is using it as a news source. What in the unholy name of Stalin is going on here!?? Where is the outrage!?

Some news accounts have suggested that Cho had a history of antidepressant use, but senior federal officials tell ABC News that they can find no record of such medication in the government's files. This does not completely rule out prescription drug use, including samples from a physician, drugs obtained through illegal Internet sources, or a gap in the federal database, but the sources say theirs is a reasonably complete search.

From 2005:
President Bush signed into law a bill to create electronic monitoring programs to prevent the abuse of prescription drugs in all 50 states.
The new law creates a grant program for states to create databases and enhance existing ones in hopes of ending the practice of "doctor shopping" by drug abusers seeking multiple prescriptions. It would authorize $60 million for the program through fiscal 2010.
The bill, signed late Thursday at the president's Crawford, Texas, ranch, was sponsored by Rep. Ed Whitfield, a Republican representing Kentucky's 1st District.

Note nothing was said about other uses for the database – nothing about it being a Federal database -- nothing about eviscerating more of our privacy rights. And it's available to ABC to use as a database for a news story? Doesn’t anyone notice how our rights are being whittled away? Are we not paying attention or does everyone else just not care?


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