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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chris Matthews is an Idiot!

Last night during the State of the Union, Tweety said that "alot of people" would like to see Condi Rice run on the VP spot on the Republican ticket and that she is so well liked and respected. What an IDIOT!!

I wrote this e-mail to him:

Your remark on Secretary Rice last night showed incredible misunderstanding of both the reason for Senator Obama's appeal and the public's real assessment of Secretary Rice. Secretary Rice would not be acceptable as a running mate by either side -- the left KNOWS that every time she says "the fact of the matter is . . " it will be followed by a whopper of a lie. We blame her for not getting Bush's attention on the "Bin Laden Determined to Attack the US" PDB, shoe shopping during Katrina, "mushroom cloud" scare tactics. The right knows that she will never pass the heightened public scrutiny of her personal life that comes with being on the ticket versus the pass she gets in the Cabinet. How would she ever explain her "life partner" from the foaming-at-the-mouth gay-hating religious right? NO ONE would find Rice acceptable on the ticket.

The public doesn't like Obama BECAUSE he's black -- a black on the republican side doesn't compensate or balance the equation. People are responding to Obama's words and vision. Rice's history of lying, scaring us, indifference to the poor, and political spinning are not equal to Obama's vision -- even though they might share a skin color.

Quit trying to deconstruct everything to a process -- it causes you to make incredibly stupid remarks.



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