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Thursday, April 17, 2008

ABC Debacle

The so called "Clinton vs Obama" "debate" was too painful to watch -- I turned it off. I am so ashamed of the MSM. To say 'we have to ask you these ridiculous, nonsense, non-material, no-issue questions because the Republicans will' is asinine! Why couldn't we have seen an issue oriented discussion instead of this 'rumble-in-the-democracy-birthplace' freak show?

I say we go back to the League of Women Votes holding these things and get rid of all these idiotic game show hosts.

HOW DARE STEPHANOPOULOS question the patriotism of a US Marine who signed up again after his tour in Korea, tended to President Johnson when he was recovering from surgery, held off his own education and goals to serve his country?!! Reverend Wright has done more for this country that idiot Stephanopoulos ever will.

Hunter over at Daily Kos is less hysterical than me and therefore says it better:
What a contrast. Only a few weeks ago, we were presented with what was considered by many to be a historic speech by a presidential candidate on race in America -- historic for its substance, tone, delivery, and stark candor. Last night, we had an opposing, equally historic example -- and I sincerely mean that, I consider it to be every bit as significant as that word implies -- of the collapse of the political press into self-willed incompetence. You might as well pull any half-intelligent person off the street, and they would unquestionably have more difficult and significant questions for the two candidates. It was not merely a momentarily bad performance, by ABC, it was a debate explicitly designed to be what it was, which is far more telling.
. . .
If a media organization set out to intentionally demonstrate themselves to be self absorbed and ignorant, they could not have accomplished it better. It was not just a tabloid debate, but the tittering of political kindergartners making and lobbing mud pies. It was politics as game show. The moderators demonstrated that to them and their supposed "news" organization, the presidency of the United States of America is about the trivialities of_politics_, which were obsessed over ravenously, not about the challenges of American governance, which were fully ignored.



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