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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Health Care

Family, friends, an old boss all have been sending me cut n' paste e-mails against reforming health care. They all have consistent themes like "LOOK ON PAGE 426!!!" or "ACORN!!" (when did a community group that tries to help the lowest rung of our society get shelter and back on their feet and participating in our society become the devil??) and "MANDATORY KILLING OUR ELDERLY" (and / or mandatory abortions and sex changes).

I'm getting angry -- unfortunately my friends and family are feeling the brunt of it because they are demonstrating how uninformed they are by passing this garbage around and also unfortunately the reply button is so handy and I can't restrain myself. But who I'm really angry at is the insurance companies starting all of this. Health care reform is too important to have to be distracted with these lies and garbage. We should be having good discussions and debates and instead the insurance companies are being very successful is distracting us with this crap.

h/t to Far Left


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