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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rudy Giuliani Trashs Unions

Rudy Giuliani was on Morning Joe this morning and all the Country's ills are due to labor unions according to him. One of his examples was that we own GM and only kept the company afloat to appease the UAW. He then complained that Obama owned the banks and was controlling salaries. What kind of up-side-down world does Rudy live in? First of all -- BUSH bailed out the banks and there were NO salary controls connected to the TARP funds. Secondly -- the UAW took HUGE concessions repeatedly and additional concessions were demanded as a condition of extending TARP to the auto makers. The unions were thrown under the bus while Wall Street fat cats kept their precious.

Giuliani is so dishonest that he makes me mad. Why does the MSM give him a microphone to peddle his lies?

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